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1 in 3 U.S. families experience diaper insecurity. We need to change that.

Did you know that there are no government programs that provide diapers and you cannot use food stamps or WIC to purchase diapers? Parents living in poverty can spend 15% or more of their monthly budget on diapers alone, leaving them with less money for food, housing and other basic needs. Most children are in diapers for at least 3 years, with many wearing diapers for 5 or more years.

Without access to disposable diapers, children are unable to attend daycare and early childhood centers. This means that children are missing out on critical early learning (one of the biggest predictors of elementary success) and parents are unable to work or attend school.

Too often a lack of clean diapers leads to diapers being left on too long, not out of a lack of care but as an economic need. Poor diaper hygiene leads to painful rashes and infections. 

By providing diapers we are able to keep babies clean, dry and avoiding rashes while allowing parents to allocate limited financial resources to other needs and ensuring children have an adequate diaper supply at daycare while their parents work.

Diapers aren't just for infants.  We supply diapers in sizes newborn through large sized overnight underpants, ensuring all kids that need protection are covered. 

The physical, mental, and financial health of both parents and children are dependent on having a steady supply of diapers. By providing diapers, the Diaper Bank of Chicago's clients are able to allocate their limited financial resources to other needs. Clients are also able to enroll their children in daycare without the fear of running out of diapers and having their child sent home. Without these stresses, parents can focus on their education and careers. At the same time, children are able reap the benefits of being in an early education setting.

We also believe that families are stronger when they are supported and empowered.  We employ a postpartum doula who is able to meet with our clients and offer a variety of support services including help with bonding, breastfeeding, infant massage, and stress reduction techniques further ensuring our families are given the tools they need to succeed.  We also have a program, Books and Babies, that distributes age appropriate and culturally relevant and responsible books along with diapers. This promotes early literacy and family bonding through reading.

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